Our Beer

Core Beers

Premium Lager

Our flagship beer, this premium, all-grain pale malt has a smooth taste & clean finish. An all-around favourite.

Blonde Canadian Pale Ale

This is our "smash" (single malt and single hop) beer; a light sessional ale with fruit notes of citrus, pineapple and pear.

Pink Lemonale

True to the all-time classic pink lemonade flavour; perfectly balanced, light, tart and a little sweet.

Hard Iced Tea

A twist on the Canadian thirst-quencher that we have all grown to know and love, with subtle balanced tea and lemon flavours.

Small Batch

Pioneer Harvest Stout

A smooth stout balanced with subtle notes of chocolate, caramel malt, and coffee.

Premium Light

Our lightest-tasting beer, 4% ABV, available in both 473 mL and 355 mL sizes! Different labels celebrate spectacular Manitoba tourism destinations, collect them all!

Pickled Clam & Spice

Refreshing and subtle flavours of Pickle, Clam and Spice. Made with barley and hops grown on our family farm; small batch-brewed.

Clam & Spice

The fantastic fresh flavours of clam & spice infused beer! Made with barley and hops grown on our family farm. Small batch-brewed.

Fresh Hop 2019

Our annual beer only available after harvest season, made with freshly-picked new hops from the field!

Pink Lemonale with Tea

A perfect blend of our Pink Lemonale and Iced Tea flavours makes for a unique and refreshing beer cocktail.

Great White North: Northern Light Lager

Part of our Great White North series to celebrate the tourist attractions of Manitoba and Canada, this light and clean lager highlights Manitoba's magnificent polar bear.

Prairie Berry Ale

A refreshing infusion of prairie-berry flavours saskatoon, raspberry, and sour cherry. Available also in our tall 473 ml can.

Localishious IPA

This strong IPA is balanced with bright citrus and subtle floral notes, and dry-hopped for a fresh finish.

Endless Summer Lager

An easygoing light and smooth lager, infused with a touch of sun-kissed hop oil we extracted ourselves on the farm.